Primary Wing

The Primary Wing of St Soldier Hadiabad, Phagwara has a good strength of  students. As per the CBSE guidelines this Primary Wing of the school has adopted “Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system. The subjects are taught as activity based after. Meticulous planning and are tested both objectively and subjectively, through oral and written projects. Each academic session carefully divided into there terms, the students are tested and their learning evaluated both through oral as well as written twice each term. The lessons of all subjects are added by assignments to nature in the learner’s creative thinking and effective writing skills. At the end of each term academic performance sheets are given to the students reflecting their performance.

Remedial measures take care of slow learners, including special children who are extra care by teachers. Smart classes, digital activities of the school augment funfilled learning and quick grasp of concept, being audio visual . Each year students, enthusiastically appear for competitive, external exams like ASSET, IIO, IMO, NCO enabling students to have a shaper their skills. Excursion, Educational trips, Picnic, Movie shows, pave way as supportive academic tools for students’ holistic development to tackle real life satiations.


Senior Wing

St Soldier Hadiabad, Phagwara aims at giving holistic development, values skill based education and facilitating creative and innovative expressions of students to groom then to be forefront global leaders and responsible citizens. The academic curriculum of the Senior Wing is divided into two terms. To make learning fruitful and enable quick grasp of concepts, Smart Class. For all classes of the Senior Wing have topic wise division of modules for modules for facilitative quick and effective Audio Visual learning.
Remedial classes serve as a boon to slow learners. Regular project based and written assignments ensure students grasp of knowledge and various skill. Expression. Various competitive exams facilitated to students provide them a good real life exposure and reinforcement of skill based learning.
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