Class Room Ambience
In the class rooms of St. Soldier Institutes, the students get knowledge by amalgamating rich experience and expertise in providing personalized tutelage with their hard work, sincerity and assiduity. With a pioneering vision, clarity of mission, rational approach, strong determination and complete dedication, St. Soldier Institutes are monitoring the next generation of students to make them achieve sterling and stupendous success in their lives. At St. Soldier Institutes, the subject experts concentrate on Psycho-analytical techniques, easy-to-understand knowledge imparting methods, attention-rivetting styles and proper knowledge-flow to boost the moral and intelligence-quotient of students.
Striving to follow Education styles, better methods and innovative ways of imparting in-depth knowledge to the students, have always been on the fore front at our Institutes. With an in-depth understanding of the psychology of the students in modern times, their development levels-physical, mental, emotional and their aspirations, the Institutes have truly become the harbingers of a revolutionary innovation in the realm of quality.

The School Library
Each of our schools has a well stocked library equipped with a good number of books on a variety of subjects, newspapers journals, periodicals and various magazines. The libraries are managed and controlled by qualified librarians. The purpose of the library is to infuse interest for reading and inquisitiveness for knowledge among the students.

Canteen & Book Shop
To meet the day to day requirements of the students, each of our schools has a Book Shop that stocks stationery items, monogrammed note books, school ties &belts. The canteen provides eatables that match the hygienic standards.

Audio Visual Aids
To make teaching more effective and result-oriented, St. Soldier Divine Public Schools have provided audio-visual aids to the students in the activity room. It is a sine qua non for the motivational learning necessary to infuse enthusiasm among students for learning. Then TLM prepared by the subject teachers also help to present the subject in a delightful and interesting way.

School Laboratries
To make the out-look of our students scientific and to put their thought-stream on logic and reasoning, St. Soldier Divine Public Schools have spacious laboratories well equipped with scientific equipments as per CBSE norms. Each of our schools has separate laboratories for each science subject i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer etc.

School Transport
For the benefit and service of the students, each of our schools has a fleet of deluxe buses operated by trained conductors and driven by qualified and fit drivers.

Our Schools follow CBSE syllabus. The CBSE curriculum provides large number of avenues to students. Skills like analytical reasoning, verbal proficiency, right attitudes and values form the basis of curriculum at different stages of education. The school ensures that students are exposed to the rich heritage of Indian culture as well as advancements made in the fields of science and technology.

Computer Education
In the Cyber Age, when computer is ruling the roost in all the realms of knowledge and information, computer education has become a must for the students. St. Soldier Divine Public Schools impart Computer Education to its students right from Nursery Class.

Moral Education
In the modern jet-propelled century when man is on the high way of automation, Moral Education is a must to preserve the ancient Indian values and the rich cultural heritage of India. St. Soldier Divine Public Schools appoint separate teachers to impart Moral Education to its students to make them good citizens of the world.

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